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A promise of uncompromising quality and professionalism


We have been in this industry since 2004 and officially started our business in 2018

We are here to make a difference by providing efficiency in speeding up production workflow

We strive to provide a 1 stop service in our video production process from content creation to final post production

We compliment our business by having our own in-house talent department. We scout, manage, and supply talents to our clients. But most importantly, protect our talents

We strive to increase the efficiency of casting procedure, we manage the standards of our talent and ensure all stakeholders are taken care of

We take care of our people, staff and talent so that we can take care of our customers

Our Customers:

Customer’s Review

What people say?

Hey Chern, thank you so much the final product is really good feedback on it is really good too, everyone says its very professionally done, definitely surpassed my expectations as well so thank you so much. From the get go actually you were very professional and that was great.... will definitely come back to you for any such productions in the future and will definitely recommend you if anyone needs a production done.
I don’t care if my daughter gets the job. I just must share our lovely experience with these beautiful people. They are simply lovely and gentle people who are make the kids feel so warm and comfortable with them. Thank you Veronica, Chern & Zee.
Thank you for the opportunities given to family and I. VC Productions gives fun, friendly and truly helpful services. 👍 😊 To many more projects 🎉
Sheri Jaffar
It was a great experience with VC productions, they introduced me a nice paid job and followed up well for the appointment. Also they provide free professional headshot shooting.​
Working with Veronica and Chern was a fun and engaging experience. They were responsible and professional. More importantly, they always make sure their tenant is being well taken care of. Veronica was really patient and she provided me with many advises to improve on my performance. Will definitely look forward to working with them again in the near future!
Its Isabelle first job at VC Productions, and i really appreciates the time and patience that Veronica spent during the McDonald print ad, photo and video casting as we are overseas then. She made it so easy for us. communication is the key. Hope to have more work with VC production in future. Thank you for the opportunity.​
Veronica and Chern have been great to work with. They have made us aware of casting call opportunities for my teenage daughter and communicated all the details very clearly. We knew exactly what to expect with their guidance. My daughter had such a great experience with her first TV Commercial that she is excited for future opportunities.​
Veronica and Chern are very accommodating and professional. Defiantly would recommend anyone to be part of their talent pool. 👍👍🙂​
It was a pleasant experience for my daughter for her first assignment with VC Productions. From the initial casting at their studio to getting casted and payment, everything was efficient and my girl enjoyed herself. Thanks Veronica, thanks Chern:)​
Daughter of kimmy
It was a great experience working with Veronica and Chern! They are very professional and took great care of their talents very well!!​
Veronica and Chern are amazing people to work with. Very kind and professional. :)​
I engaged VC productions about 2 months ago to handle my children’s portfolios. They’ve been regularly in touch with me regarding various openings and casting calls, giving us guidance and were prompt in responding to our queries. My son recently got his first-ever assignment and he truly enjoyed this experience. We would highly recommend VC Productions for anyone looking for a talent management company
Son of Shirley
Mishall’s first assignment with VC Production and she love it! Professional yet easy going. Got to meet the warm & friendly Chern who came down at the shoot today.Hope to work with them again! In her own words, Mishall said it’s a good shoot day!
Daughter of Rozie
It’s my first assignment today with VC production. Chern was there to ensure we are all good for the shooting. Thank you very much and looking forward to the next assignment with you!
Hi Chern, it was a good experience working with everybody today. Thank you for the experience and look forward to seeing the final Print Ad.
Veronica made sure I was well taken care of and was a great source of support, guidance and energy throughout the whole process of the shoot; making the experience comfortable and memorable. Extremely thankful to VC for the opportunity
很开心在 VC Productions的栽培下成长,Veronica和Chern 人很亲切,分享了他们的经验给我,感恩你们的教导~一起加油

I really appreciated the time that Veronica spent in assisting me to one production as I felt very much in good hands knowing she was there to reach out to. I believe that in itself is extremely valuable. I would definitely recommend VC Productions for any casting job big or small!

Thank you again and more powers to you Veronica and VC Productions!

VC Productions has given me a lot of exposure and allowed me to work with well known brands such as HSBC and Silkair.
Without the help of VC Productions, i would not be able to explore my new found career.

“VC productions are very professional and passionate about what they do - Veronica and Chern are extremely personable, kind and responsive - being talents/models themselves they know exactly what talents/models want and need! 10/10!”
It was our first experience of a day shoot with VC production. Veronica, Chern and the team were there throughout the shoot from the beginning to the end. Very considerate for making leeway and very professional in handling everything. Smiley, chatty and always ensuring we are comfortable. That assignment was for my 2 kids and VC production really had the experience and patience in getting them into the shoot. They totally enjoyed it. The thoughtful Veronica specially got my kid a birthday cake as that was his actual day and this surprise celebration was simply so heartwarming. Highly recommend VC productions for all level of casting n assignments for smooth delivery and success! BIG thanks!
Veronica and Chern were a great team! Thank you for the warm support and encouragement. You guys rocks!
Had fun shooting for prints with VC Productions! Welfare was taken care of and everything went smoothly. I enjoy the casting opportunities too!
VC Productions provides a friendly and warm atmosphere. Clarity, efficiency, convenience, personal touch plus its decent purpose are part of the reasons I select them to represent me for filming application.
Very professional and organized. Chern and Veronica were on top of things at all times, with the aim to facilitate and reduce the processes involved between clients and talents which sets them apart from industry competitors. Great opportunities and thanks so much for the print shoot!
What an amazing experience with VC Productions! My daughter had her first shoot yesterday and we had an enjoyable time. VC Productions is very professional, offering expertise, guidance and advise with high proficiency and efficiency. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable opportunity.
Definitely Recommended 🎊😎 📸 Yay to my first project with VC 😊 Finally! Hahha! Had great fun doing a ambitious role for a Print AD 🤟🏻👨🏻‍🚀🤟🏻 🎬 Thanks to Chern and Veronica for representing and having me on board. Wonderful and fun experience working with them and the team. From casting to final day of shoot, everything went smoothly. Super friendly and kind and very helpful with any requests and really understanding. Thanks once again guys. Looking forward to with you Guys again Soon. Have a lovely day ahead 😊😇👍🏻 Cheers, Soloman.
Everything was very well planned, and clear instructions were given on what to do and what should and should we not do during the shoot! 🚫 It gave the models a better idea of how they should portray themselves during the shoot and better prep them before the shoot. 🎥 It was a fun shooting experience w VC Productions.. definitely more to come and looking forward to them! 😊
Shaun O.
It was a great experience for my son Sachidaren to do this photoshoot with Veronica an Chern an they both were there throughout the whole shoot to support my son.They were very kind people to work with an it was a succesful selection by VC production eventhough it was his 1st time. I would greatly recommend to everyone out thr to go an work with them fr future projects an once again thks alot to VC production to gv sachi a opportunity fr Sachi fr this project — with Soloman Prabu R
A good experience meeting both Veronica n Chern during the talent recruitment. A warm and friendly couple. Patient during the photo taking for my child's profile. Gave thorough instructions on the Dos n Donts during casting and shooting. It was a first time for my son and both of us did not really know what to expect there. Would have been great to see them at the shooting to render us some support but my son had completed shooting by the time they arrived 😢 But nevertheless a wonderful eye opening experience for my son, good exposure for him. Hope to work with VC productions again soon. Cheers! 👍😊

1st Job:

Chern and Veronica are professional and yet personable in their interactions. Within a month of joining VC, I got my first assignment. This, through a self cast which saved me the effort of having to cater time for casting. I was guided with patience and felt like I was part of the family. Thank you both and I look forward to many more chances to work with the team again!

2nd Job:

First it was Singapore Kindness Movement, now it's for a Shell campaign. Thanks VC for the effortless transition, from casting to fitting and to the shoot itself. I was well taken care of and provided with information/ advice that I need. This would not have been possible if not for their wealth of experiences. Thanks Chern and Veronica. You two are a power couple! Kudos! - 26th Feb 2019
Professional and friendly people providing great support and advise. Highly recommended!
Great experience working with VC productions. save alot of time as well with video casting. Met up with a cool group of production team, young they may be but full of drive and ideals. Thank you VC for this arrangement.
Professional and friendly people providing great support and advise. Highly recommended!
Father of Izac
Love working with them! They're professional and know what they're doing, they give support and advice to talents. Got decent castings from them as well 😀
Great to work with! The team were fantastic in managing my first project with them, looking forward to future work!
VC Productions is the very first agency I applied for and I’m so glad I made that decision! Not only are Veronica and Chern kind and encouraging, they are professional and efficient! I booked my first ever commercial through the help of VC Productions and it was only a few days after joining! Really recommend them for anyone looking for a capable agency that you know you can trust. 😊👍🏽

1st Job:

Professional. Friendly and welcoming. Takes good care of their talents with regards to pay and welfare. Would recommend.

2nd Job:

Their care and concern for their talents is genuine. Being actors themselves, they empathise with our concerns and questions with patience and understanding.
I had the pleasure to shoot at VC production studio even if it was a short photoshoot. Love the place. It’s really chill even better with the friendly Chern and Veronica and their professional service. Recommended 🙂