Height: 1.20M
Race: Chinese
Hobbies: Swimming, Gym and Playing Toys

Last updated: 12 June 2019



The following are general VC Productions (as known as VCP) terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are agreed between VC Productions and the Talent. It is further understood and agreed that VC Productions is acting as an agent only and does not operate as an employment agency.



A.      Talent aware and agrees that they are constantly presented, marketed and but not limit to proposed to clients for any suitable role through VCP website without notification.

B.      Talent agrees to conduct himself or herself in a manner that reflects positively on both VCP and the Client being represented. Talent should behave in a professional manner always and VCP will not hesitate to cancel the confirmed project if the unethical behaviour was found. Any misbehaviour or criminal act found this VCP Talent Agreement will be forfeited immediately without written consent.

C.      Talent is responsible to attend Casting, Fitting and other events that required by the client prior to or after the confirmation of a project. Talent agrees to be punctual and notify VCP if Talent will arrive later than the agreed time.

D.     Talent is responsible for providing own transportation to and from Casting, Fitting, Project Site or more. Talent shall not assume reimbursement is available for all Project Site. The ability to reimburse transportation costs will first be negotiated between VCP and the Client, and the Talent will be notified on a project­ by ­project basis on the status of reimbursement.

E.      Talent is responsible for notifying VCP within 72 hours of any scheduling changes that will ultimately affect VCP’s ability to staff a Project in which Talent was previously scheduled to work. If rescheduling was made less than 72 hours without valid certification, a penalty of 15% from project gross amount will be a charge to the Talent.

F.       Talent hereby grants to VC Productions, and all persons or corporations information and acting with its permission, the unrestricted right to:

I.    Use videos, still footages and photos of the Talent as recorded for casting and clients reference.

II.   To re-use, publish, amend/alter and copyright the Talent’s performance, picture, photograph, sound and/or voice recording, including the film, video, tapes, digital or other information pertaining to them in the following media: digital and web media, online banners, print material, TV and Cinema and/or any lawful marketing purpose at VC Productions sole discretion; and

III.  This usage can be in conjunction with the Talent’s own name.

IV.  Talent waives any right to inspect or approve the final product, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.

G.     Strictly no photo taking of Casting Brief, Wardrobe Sample, Project Setup or any Sensitive Information during but not limited to Casting, Fitting or Project Site and more before the launch of Project. The heavy penalty will apply if the photos described above was found being shared to but not limited to Friends, Families, Social Media, Website and more.

H.     Talent may be called back every 6 months or from time to time for their profile update on VCP website.



A.      VCP agrees to provide marketing-based services through its various avenues and business networks to aid in the development of promotional project staffing opportunities for the Talent. VCP does not guarantee opportunities for Talent at any time. However, VC Productions will receive a 30% commission out of the Project gross amount if talent got selected by any jobs that given or proposed by VC Productions.

B.      VCP will act as the managing party and point of contact between the Talent and Client, which includes negotiating all compensation, dress codes, project details, payment processing and other administrative functions.



A.      VCP agrees to compensate Talent for Project on an event ­by ­event basis in which a rate is previously agreed upon. VCP reserves the right to deduct or withhold Talent compensation if the Talent fails to perform the Project duties satisfactorily, as determined by VCP or VCP’s Clients. Unsatisfactory performance includes, but is not limited to late arrival, failure to attend, performance prompting serious complaints from a VCP Client and behaviour that damages the reputation of VCP or its Clients.

B.      Talent agrees to allow VCP no more than 90­days after the last day of a Project worked to provide compensation before any further actions are taken.

C.      Talent is not entitled to CPF or any contribution of CPF by the VCP.



A.      Talent acknowledges the inherent risk of performing Project at different Venues, including studios, stores, stadiums, outdoor venues, theatres, or other venues. It is the responsibility of the Talent to ensure adequate levels of Insurance (including public liability) exist to cover all Talent used at any/all locations.

B.      Talent understands that he or she may be exposing his or her self to risks of such Venues, which may include overcrowding, intoxicated persons, low lighting/reduced visibility, strobe lighting, surface hazards, smoking areas, hazardous weather, etc. Talent hereby understands that VCP has no control, directly or indirectly, over any Venue.